Data Included in CLOCS

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Your Loyalty Card Data 

The first set of data will be collected by high street retailers through your use of loyalty cards. This includes

  • Items purchased (e.g. paracetamol)
  • Date of purchase
  • Location of the purchase (i.e. store postcode).

This will not include information on NHS prescriptions or any personally identifiable information, e.g. full name, postcode, ethnicity.

Note: Your loyalty card past purchase information will only be collected one time from the participating high street retailers. The CLOCS team will request your past purchase data from at most 6 years ago (depending on the high street retailer’s records and when you obtained a loyalty card) to the date you complete the consent form.

Participant Questionnaire Data

Our ovarian cancer risk questionnaire includes questions on

  • About you (e.g. age, weight, height etc.)
  • Your reproductive history 
  • Your cancer history (if any)
  • Other medical history
  • Covid -19 status to date **NEW** (from 10/09/2020)
  • Perceived Ovarian Cancer risk and health status **NEW** (from 10/09/2020)
  • About your loyalty card use

Clinical Questionnaire (for Ovarian Cancer Patients only)

A brief clinical questionnaire to be completed by a member of the healthcare team at recruiting NHS trusts includes

  • ovarian cancer diagnosis date
  • Type of patient's diagnosis
  • Cancer Stage, grade, and surgical outcome

You can request the full list of information being used in this project from the research team on


Updated 10/09/2020