Identifying early signs of ovarian cancer using loyalty card data: A Case-Control Study

Submitted by admin on Fri, 08/30/2019 - 14:37
case control


For our first research study, we will be carrying out a case-control study in which we will look at differences in past purchase behaviours of 500 women with ovarian cancer (cases) and 500 women without ovarian cancer (controls). 

For this purpose, we are aiming to analyse information collected from two high street retailers, and merge it with our self-reported ovarian cancer risk questionnaire.  We will request past purchase information of participants who have given consent to access their data from high street retailers. For more information, please visit "For Participants" and "About your data"

The CLOCS risk factor questionnaire will help us understand more about your ovarian cancer risk profile.

We have developed a risk factor questionnaire specific to ovarian cancer based on previous evidence. By collecting this information, we are hoping to identify ovarian cancer risk factors that are associated with a changes in purchase behaviours and delays in help-seeking. You can read more about ovarian cancer risk factors here.

We are currently recruiting participants in the UK with and without ovarian cancer for our first study.

We are aiming to recruit women without ovarian cancer using our website. If you are a woman, aged 18 and over, who has not been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and are interested in taking part in the CLOCS, visit "For Participants".

We are aiming to recruit 500 ovarian cancer patients from NHS trusts that agreed to become a research site for CLOCS. If you have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and wish to take part in our study, please find the list of CLOCS clinics who are actively recruiting patients here